QAQC programme

The QA/QC programme describes the quality objectives of the inventory, the national system and the QA/QC plan. This includes a time schedule, tasks and responsibilities. An improvement programme forms an integral part of this QA/QC programme.

The QA/QC programme is basically an internal document that will be held available for UN review. SenterNovem is responsible for co-ordination and implementation of the programme. It will be updated, if needed once a year, as part of the annual evaluation and improvement cycle.

The overall objectives of the QA/QC programme for 2006/2007 include e.g.:
• to annually finalise, by 15 March, inventories that are of sufficient 1 quality to meet the requirements under UN and EU;
• to sufficiently measure and control the quality of annual inventories by appropriate quality
control procedures;
• to ensure that quality objectives are met and regularly evaluated by implementing appropriate
quality assurance and evaluation procedures by staff that is not directly involved;

These objectives are further elaborated in the programme into more specific quality objectives,
related to improving transparency, consistency, comparability, completeness and accuracy (the
‘inventory principles’).